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Design a beauty parlour brochure by yourself


Marketing plays a very important role for a successful business journey. Though today’s way of marketing is all bound to social media yet the best and an old way of marketing was sharing brochures. Be it for opening a new shop or for a sale spreading brochure was considered to be the best marketing skills. Well, as it's said ‘old is gold’ this is still one of the finest ways to attract a crowd towards your business. Talking about a business of beauty parlour, well you must focus on spreading your beauty parlour brochure to every place possible. A beauty brochure will surely help everyone get to know about your business. And if you are worried about how you can get a good beauty brochure, well, when people are making online appointments, so can you make your beauty parlour brochure design. There are a number of online designing platforms, but one should definitely try Doographics if you're a beginner in designing or someone who wants to create design only for their business without investing a lot of time. Doographics is one such platform, here you can create, customize and download for free. You can find a beauty parlour brochure template free with the best designs. So open Doographics now and make your beauty salon brochure design.


Create an eye-catchy beauty brochure

When it comes to advertising, the brochure plays a vital role and it has to be attractive enough. A perfect beauty parlour brochure design must include, the name of your salon, its location, some specialities so as to why people should prefer your beauty parlour over others, sale if any, products you keep for sale for a much lesser price, some packages you can offer to your customer, etc. On Doographics you can make a brochure for sale, beauty product brochure, beauty services brochure or even a beauty treatment brochure in a much attractive way and easy process. One can find all kinds of beauty salon brochure template on Doographics. Distributing brochures for a beauty salon made on Doographics will surely help you grab a lot of traffic towards your salon.

Use the beauty brochure template from Doographics

Ever though along with running a beauty salon you will yourself make a brochure design for advertisement, without spending a penny for it. Well, the internet has made it possible for you. On Doographics you can make a brochure for beauty parlour in 3 easy steps

  • Open and choose the ‘Products’ options. Since you’re here to do the advertisement of your salon choose the ‘Brochure’ option from the ‘Branding and Advertisement’ section.
  • Here you will find a number beauty brochure template, select the template of your choice and start customizing. You can change the colour, font, text, images, elements, in fact everything and anything from these templates. To add an image from your feed to make the beauty parlour brochure design look more attractive, first upload the image in the ‘Photos’ option and once uploaded drag and drop it to the template.
  • Once your brochure for the beauty salon is ready, download it and you are all set for advertisement.

This is how easy it is to use the beauty parlour brochure template free.

Best Beauty Parlour Brochure Templates


There is no such perfect size for a brochure, there are 4 sizes which are considered to be standard sizes 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 14, 11 x 17 and 11 x 25.5. You can choose any size from these for your beauty parlour brochure.

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