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Sketch your dance brochure on Doographics


Everyone must have seen a dance brochure at least once, as dance class brochure is the best way of attracting all the dance lovers around. But people will get impressed by the brochure only when the dance brochure design has amazing elements, colours, images, texts, in short it has to be made very enticing. So instead of wasting time in searching for a good designer and getting a custom-made brochure by paying extra, rather design it by yourself. You will find a dance brochure maker of many graphics designing companies, but Doographics is different from all. Here you can find various dance brochure templates designed by white-collar designers who have added beautiful graphics, dance brochure images, suitable texts, elements, etc which you can use for your marketing. Also these templates are customizable and can be downloaded for free. This online brochure maker can help you find the best design for the dance classes brochure templates and start with your advertisement. Hereafter if you are planning to make a brochure, use the dance school brochure templates on Doographics.


Impressive dance studio brochure ideas

Are you confused on what should be included in the dance studio brochure templates design to make it impressive. Are you worried if your design will stand out from the others or not as you have 0 designing skills? Well, don’t worry Doographics is here to help you out. Below given are the things you should not forget to add in your dance class brochure templates:

  1. 1. Attractive elements: Remember elements/ images say a lot of things than words. Hence when you design a brochure add up elements of a dancer to make it attractive.
  2. 2. Quality headline: An headline should be attractive and crisp at the same time. Adding texts which will attract a crowd is very important, ‘Best ballet dance class in Pune’, ‘Fill up your life with grace’, ‘Love dancing? Come join us for a 5 day Zumba workshop’, etc this is how you can grab some attention though your dance studio brochure templates design.
  3. 3. Avoid big words: Make sure your dance brochure is easy to read, use simple words. There is no need to impress people with big and hard words. Try to create a brochure simple but attractive.

These are few things you should keep in mind while you use dance class brochure templates.

Create a dance brochure with 0 designing skills

Don’t worry it's not that hard to use a dance brochure maker as you are thinking. On Doographics you can find template designs for all sorts of dance classes like classical dance brochure design, ballet dance brochure design, Zumba dance brochure design or even dance studio bifold brochure, etc. And making a brochure on Doographics can be completed in 3 easy steps as follows:

  • Go to the ‘Products’ option present on the home screen of Doographics. You will find a number of alternatives under ‘products’ but choose ‘Brochures’ from the ‘Branding and Advertisement’ section.
  • Here you will find a number of dance brochure templates. Select a design of your choice and start customizing. Add images, elements, texts if you want any or even change the background images, colours, fonts, font size as per your requirement. If you wish to add an image from your feed first upload it in the ‘Photos’ section and then drag and drop it to the template.
  • Once your design is ready download your design.

With these easy steps you can make your dance brochure.

Best Dance Brochure Design Templates


If you want to change the font, first click the text present on the dance brochure and you will find font options on the top of the screen. Choose a font of your choice from these options and this is how you can change the font of a dance brochure design.

The size of a dance brochure template is 8.5” x 11” (tri-fold) which can vary as you add up more or less content to your design.

Elements make the brochure more and more attractive. Search for ‘dance’ in the elements section and you will find a variety of dance elements and add up any of the elements you find amazing. Then drag and drop it to the template.