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Design education brochure with Doographics


Advertisements begin the main constraint, an education class/school/college/institution,etc need to have attractive brochures. More the marketing an institute does, the more the crowd is attracted. And as the distributing brochures are considered to be the best marketing hence the education brochure design plays a very vital role. Also to find a design for the brochure of your choice is a bit of a hustle but not on Doographics. It’s a platform where you can get various education brochure templates. You can create your own templates or customize the one which is being designed by our designers. With the number of education brochure images available, you can add up your touch to the brochure design too. You can find all types of temples like child education brochure templates, school brochure templates with single or even a tri fold education brochure design. Here you can create an education brochure for any purpose you want, also you can find as many images and designs on this single platform using which you can make the best brochure for advertisement. With various designs, images, elements you can also find various colours which can suit your brochure very well. Hence as you get so many options of customization and creating here, use Doographics and design the best education brochure design.


Make brochure using free online brochure maker

When it comes to designing education brochure Doographics is the perfect platform. You can find school brochure design, tri-fold education brochure design, school admission brochure design, child education brochure templates and much more. The free education brochure templates here can help you get an clear idea of what kind of brochure you want, whether a single fold or a tri fold etc. You can also use the education brochure images which can help you can you brochure give a different look. All these free educational brochure templates have very attractive graphics which make the brochure more impressive. Adding up elements like a book, pen, pencil school related stuff to make the brochure look good. Also make sure that the colour of your brochure is attractive enough and perfectly matches the fonts, image filter as well as the elements very well.

How to make a school brochure?

If you are finding it difficult to design your education brochure, don’t worry designing on Doographics is a very effortless process. Stick to the steps given below and create your education brochure design:

  • Open website and choose the ‘Products’ option where you can find a number of alternatives, here select ‘Brochures’ from ‘Branding and Advertisement’.
  • Select an education brochure design of your choice from these templates. Add images, elements, texts, change the colour, background image, font, font size and customize it, to make it look more magnificent.
  • Once you have completed the design download it.

By following these easy steps you can make the best education brochure design on Doographics.

Best Education Brochure Design Templates


There are 3 basic types of education brochures which are differentiated on the basis of folds namely: Tri-fold education brochure, gate fold education brochure and bi-fold education brochure. These best suitable brochure types depend on the amount of information you want to include in the education brochure design. Here on Doographics you can design for these types.

Once you can create your education brochure design click on the download option present on the top of the screen and the design will be downloaded.