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Create your own design of a marketing brochure


Every single product and company required good marketing skills so that the world would come to know about it. And that advertisement is made easy by a ‘Marketing Brochure’. A business marketing brochure can be easily spread all around to attract the crowd and help your business. But when it comes to a business brochure or digital marketing brochure designs it has to be eye-catching and at times you may also require its customization to suit it with your business. Hence the better option is using the online marketing brochure designs. You will discover an online marketing brochure maker of a number of platforms, but one should choose a platform like Doographics to make attractive brochure designs. Doographics is a one stop destination to design, personalize and download your brochure for free. Here you can find many marketing brochure design ideas from the available marketing brochure templates and create an impressive tri-fold brochure online. Thus use Doographics to create marketing brochures for advertisement of your products.


How to make a tri fold brochure on an online platform?

In today’s date every single thing can be completed through the internet, from ordering your favourite dish to your clothes, the internet has made us do all our work in our pajamas and from our home. And so can you create a marketing brochure online. One such platform is Doographics, where you can use the marketing brochure templates to create a tri-fold brochure online. Well follow to steps given below for use the free brochure maker:

  1. 1. Choose the ‘Brochures’ option from the ‘Branding and Advertising’ section present on the ‘Products’ option on the home screen.
  2. 2. Here you will find a number of marketing brochure templates. Select your choice of tri-fold brochure template and then start customizing. The templates do have graphics, elements, colour coordinated fonts, images but you can add some elements, images or even change the font, font size, background colour, image,etc. If you are willing to add an image of your product to the brochure, first upload that image in the ‘Photos’ section and once uploaded drag and drop the image on the template.
  3. 3. As you complete your design download the marketing brochure from the download button present on the top right corner of the screen.

So are the 3 steps that answer your ‘How to make a marketing brochure’ / 'How to design tri-fold brochure'.

How to make the marketing brochure attractive?

Along with the design, the content also plays a very vital role in making your marketing brochure templates impressive. Below are the things to be included in your tri-fold brochure:

  • Standard information of the company, like name of the company, contact information, logo.
  • Headline, it should be short and simple.
  • 2/3 lines explaining everything about the product.

All you need to make the brochure impressive is, by sticking the content as well as the design to the topic. Make sure the headline is big, bold and has an easy to read font. Also mixing up fonts can make the brochure stand out. Don’t forget to add images and a call of action which completes the marketing brochure.

Best Marketing Brochure Design Templates


Tri-fold business brochure is the one which has 3 folds and one can include as much information you want to add. On Doographics you can also find a tri-fold brochure template.

Every company creates a tri-fold business brochure for the advertisement of its products and company. So a marketing brochure is the one which a company uses for marketing, on a platform like Doographics you can find a number of marketing brochure templates and tri-fold brochure templates.

A marketing brochure has 4 standard sizes like: 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 14, 11 x 17 and 11 x 25.5, one can use any of these sizes as per one's convenience.