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Let’s lay hold of the crowd by designing amazing restaurant brochure on Doographics


In today’s date, restaurants & cafes have gained a lot of popularity. People plan a chill out time with their family and friends at these places and wish to have good food as well as ambiance and never get bored with their regular cafe/ restaurant. So if you have a new restaurant or are planning to upgrade your old restaurant then along with some social media posts make sure to create an eye-catchy restaurant brochure. But when it comes to finding a restaurant brochure design of your choice it’s a bit of hustle, because the best restaurant brochure is the one which is not only eye-catchy but also has mouth watering images and pocket friendly offers. Well, one thing in which Doographics can help you is by offering some magnificent restaurant brochure templates. Here you can get Indian restaurant brochure, Italian restaurant brochure, brochure of food, etc with attractive designs. With various designs available you can get restaurant brochure ideas and food brochure design ideas and can create one of your kind. You can design funky brochures with 0 designing skills here and yet attract a huge crowd.


Use the food brochure templates and create the best restaurant brochure

Reason why one should use Doographics is because you can find a variety of templates here, which can be personalized and in turn makes your task very easy. From the food menu brochure to brochures of different cuisine you will get very templates. These templates have attractive graphics designed by the designers, these templates also have suitable colors, fonts and elements used to make it look more magnificent. These food brochure ideas can thereby help you create your own design rather than using one from the template. Here you can also create a brochure of food menu to mention new additions and offers with food images to make people tempted the second they start reading the brochure by which you can attack all the traffic towards your restaurant. Doographics offers food brochure free download which is one more reason to use this platform.

How to make a food brochure with no design skills

Well, it’s a very obvious question one may have, but when it comes to designing on Doographics don’t worry. Even when you are unaware of the A, B, Cs of designing you can design the best restaurant brochure. For that reason go through the 3 steps given below and create impressive food business brochure:

  • Open, create an account first so that you can utilize all the designing options. Here select the ‘Brochures’ option from all the alternatives present in the ‘Products’ options. You can find a number of food brochure templates here with magnificent designs.
  • From all the templates available choose the food brochure design of your choice and start customizing. Add images, elements, texts change the colour, background image, font size if you want. To add an image first upload it and then drag and drop it on the template.
  • Once your custom-made food brochure is ready, click on the download button present on the top right corner of the screen and download your design.

It’s this easy to create a restaurant brochure design on Doographics.

Best Restaurant Brochure Design Templates


Restaurant brochure design should have suitable fonts which are not very confusing or fancy but decent and readable like: Helvetica, Montserrat, Anonymous Pro, etc.

The size for a restaurant brochure can be an usual brochure size and can vary with the amount of content you will be adding to it but for a tri-fold brochure the preferred size is 8.5’ x 11’.