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Make your own travel brochure


Are you one who loves packing bags and kick-starting your journey towards a destination and living life in a more natural way? And do you want to share this experience with others? Then one thing you should definitely have is a travel brochure. Believe it or not, though the world is running online, people still have more faith in the real world and the real marketing ways. But creating a travel brochure design becomes more easy with the online facility. You will find a number of platforms to answer your question ‘travel brochure how to make?’, but one should definitely try Doographics. On Doographics you can find many travel brochure ideas. This is a brochure maker free platform to find a perfect travel brochure template. Here you can not only create your own design but can also customize the available templates for free. Creating and customizing becomes easy with Doographics, you only have to drag and drop the images, elements you want to add to the brochure. Hence when you are searching for a travel brochure maker use Doographics.


Some travel brochure ideas to make your brochure more impressive

If you have a number of questions like what is a travel brochure or what should be included and what not to be included in a travel brochure, well don’t worry we at Doographics are here to help you. A perfect travel brochure design is the one which has complete and precise information. Below are the things given to make your brochure stand out from others:

  1. 1. Impressive cover: A cover is the first impression and it has to be eye-catchy. The cover page should have answers to the 3 ‘Wh’ questions namely: 1. Who is advertising? 2.Where are you located? 3. What are you selling?
  2. 2. Details: A brochure tells about destination, the stay, way of traveling, etc. Hence describe all the facilities clearly with special services and events along with some photographs. Along with this add things by which you are different from your competitors.
  3. 3. Call of action: Your brochure should explain one specific objective, like if you have a new offering explain all the benefits one will have through it. Add email id or contact number to let the interested people get more details about it.
  4. 3. Pictures:Pictures play a very important role in marketing, so add high quality images to your brochure.

You can add these things to the travel brochure using the brochure design maker and make it more magnificent.

How to make a travel brochure on Doographics

Well, designing on this platform is as easy as drawing a house on paper. Here you can create and customize the brochure with a free online brochure maker template available. By following these 3 easy steps you can make a brochure:

  • Open and choose the ‘Products’ option. From all the alternatives you can see here choose the ‘Brochures’ option from the ‘Branding and Advertising’ section.
  • Select a travel brochure template from various template designs available. Once you choose your design, start customizing. Add images, texts, elements change the colour, font, font size and give it your touch.
  • Once your design gets ready click on the download button on the top right corner and get your travel brochure design in your feed.

This is how easy it is to design a travel brochure.

Best Travel Brochure Design Templates


Tri-fold travel brochures are most common ones which are of the size 8.5” x 11”. But it can also be of a normal letter format size if you want.

Colors play a vital role for making a travel brochure attractive. Warm colors like orange, red and yellow go well together, also adding colours like lavender, blue and green suit well.