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Greeting cards are a beautiful way to keep in touch with your friends, loved ones as well as to express emotions such as love, congratulations, condolences, and gratitude. we are living in a world run by digital communication where you Design a card online with DooGraphics greeting cards maker for free. We have customized card templates that are easy to design and download. You can also create a birthday card online with our birthday card online maker.

Doographics card maker

Make online greeting cards with DooGraphics card maker.

DooGraphics is an online graphic designing platform where you can easily make a card with no effort on our card maker. we give you greeting cards making ideas that are best suitable for your design. You can do new year card making as well as birthday card making in less time. Make greetings cards online with our thousands of customized template designs. Design a card with your personal touch to it.

Why use an online greeting cards maker?

It saves your time and also helps to design your card. The best part of our platform is it is a free online greeting card maker with photos which makes your task easy and effective. You can direct download your card in the png as well as jpeg format. Visit our site for more ideas for card making.

DooGraphics have some key features like,

  • User-friendly and creative designing platform with thousands of customized greeting cards design templates.
  • It's fast and free. Just need to drag, drop & you are ready to display!
  • You can resize your text, move it around the page, add special effects filters, make elements transparent, and change border configuration to make your card attractive.
  • You can use wonderful backgrounds, tools, elements as well as layers to make your design beautiful with new greeting cards design templates.
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Make an online greeting card with the latest templates.

No more worries about size! Our template library is specially designed for you. You can customize the size as per your requirement. Go & check out our fantastic collection of greeting card templates.

You can change the size of the card according to your content & image.

On the right side of the design page interface, you will see a choice of sizes. To find out which aspect ratio you need, simply find out your screen resolution and create a perfect card design according to you.

We have Pre-made HD templates & are best optimized for the right size for your greeting card design requirement, just walk through them or download our pre-sized HD template from our customized library.

template-for-card maker
stock footage design for card maker

Insert stock Footage/Color bars on your card.

On your left side of the DooGraphics workspace on desktop and mobile, you’ll find an option to add images or footage best suitable for your card design. You can upload images from your photo library & you can easily customize yours. We give you so many options to fulfil your requirements. DooGraphics make your process easy and convenient.

Online Card Maker Insert typography & illustrations available for easy insertion

Your greeting card is going to make someone’s day happy so make it with a creative mind. You can also download it and print it. Send an E-card with our brilliant card maker and create your value in the employee's mind. Start designing and win the heart of your favourite one.

On your left side of the DooGraphics workspace on desktop and mobile, you’ll find an option to add text, Clip art & Icon.

Adjust typography, size, and color of icons & font. There are a variety of font options available to choose from. you can select any option and make your design perfect.

text for Doographics card maker

How to make a card?

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Select DooGraphics card maker category. In that, you just have to select a template and simply drag & drop whichever images, tools, backgrounds you want to add. You can also add different headings, subheadings, text boxes to make your card design attractive.

We have a user friendly graphic designing platform where you can customize your template according to your need or preferences. You can design your card in any size and download it easily.

You can add images, backgrounds, shapes, text boxes, iconic fonts. You can also add special effects, unique fonts, and make unlimited cards for every event.

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