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Design creative birthday wishes for your loved ones!


Kindness is often said to be the mother of all virtues.Give and take is what nature yearns to mankind.Life is about a lot of things ,right from same daily mundane routine to the days of sadness ,disappointments and so much more.Amongst this,every person deserves a day of his to nurture,to embrace and feel special about this miraculous existence on the planet.And hence,birthdays are nothing but a blessing,a refreshment to endure the tough days in life.Make someone's special day extra special by sending out birthday wishes — one filled with good thoughts and well wishes for the celebrant. While you can certainly go out and buy one, it won't be quite as special as a card you've created yourself. If all that's stopping you is a deficiency in design prowess, then you've found the perfect tool to help you create one, easily and simply. Demographics to your rescue.


Wondering how to create the best birthday wishes?

Doographics is a graphic designing platform to create most appealing pre-designed quote templates easy to use and customize. Doographics’ selection of beautiful and expertly-designed birthday wishes can make anyone get awestruct. Impress people around you by pouring your birthday wishes thoughts into reality. You can choose from over a hundred designs created by amazing artists and customize from there. Doographics’ drag and drop editing tools are easy to use, but the amount of customization you can do with them ensures that the happy birthday wishes you're sending has a personalized touch.

How to design a special happy birthday wish with Doographics?

Log on to the Doographics website and create an account to get started.

Select quotes maker from the Templates column to begin. A plethora of wonderful and creative templates come up.

  • At the left side of the Doographics workspace, you can pick from the diverse collection of wonderful templates for special birthday wish quotes.
  • You can even customize templates by uploading images from your personal library and picking up a unique combination of color shades , typography and printed style best suited .
  • You can bold, italicize, and emphasize your text.
  • You can adjust the size of the template according to the content and choose a ratio best fitting your screen making your birthday wishes messages look more phenomenal

Best Birthday Wishes Templates


With a few clicks, you can change the design colors to the celebrant's favorite ones, add shapes, lines and other elements to give your design more flair, and type in your birthday greetings in beautiful typography.
Upload images of birthday wishes and add it to the card to make it even more special. Or choose from the several pre available templates.You can add graphics and illustrations too. Then, use the advanced filters tools to enhance your chosen images.’Wish you a happy birthday’ in the most beautiful way possible with Doographics

A special happy birthday wishes could be sent to anyone and everyone who is dearest to you. From office colleagues to close friends, everyone could be made to feel special in the blink of an eye.

From marathi birthday wish to birthday wish in Hindi , diversity of templates in various languages could be found on only one platform-Demographics!

Undoubtedly, Doographics is a potential stage that is absolutely free of cost and in no way charge its users. Doographics avails them of its services efficiently urging them to make exceptionally impressive wishes in a matter of seconds. With Doographics, time is just a number!

Yes, totally. Doographics provide easy access to change the labels in the template according to a person's own requirements.

You can use the templates on various platforms like Facebook ,Instagram, Twitter and even WhatsApp. The size of the template depending upon the platform is also available to ease the user experience.