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Our easy to use design maker lets you choose the perfect Instagram story template and helps you create a story that will woo your audience.

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Doographics Instagram Story Maker

Create an awesome Instagram story by using our beautifully designed Instagram story templates.

Instagram stories are fun and drive more engagement to your page than any other medium. It has become one of the important tools and can easily help you reach your audience. But, how to create engaging stories, which can appeal to your audience? If you’re not a natural storyteller and haven’t done any visual marketing before, the concept of this innovative approach may seem overwhelming or challenging.

But, worry not!

Doographics’ Instagram story maker lets you create captivating stories that can help you connect with your audience. You can choose any template from the library that goes with your product, brand or style, customize it however you want and upload on your Instagram page, that’s it! Instagram story templates are beautifully designed and lets you do anything and everything to impress your audience.

Instagram Story Maker with Doographics

Create an Instagram story in no time

How to make an Instagram story in easy steps

  • Click on the ‘Instagram story Template’ to start and choose your favourite
  • Choose from a plethora of easy-to-use Instagram story templates to create an awesome post in no time.
  • Customize the post by simply adding or changing text, fonts, graphics, patterns, and shapes and create a post that will suit your brand.
  • Once you’ve created the Instagram story, download the post, share it on your Instagram platform.


To start designing instagram story with Doographics, all you need to do is sign up with your email, Gmail, or Facebook account then select instagram story from doographics homepage select appropriate template for instagram story edit it as your own way and save it or download.

Select specific instagram story template then go to the editor selects the background button from the left side panel of editor and choose the background you want to use in instagram story

Absolutely, you can use your own font. Firstly select the text you want to edit, go to the right panel on editor select the font button from the font choose particular you want to use.

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