Design a graduation day invitation card by yourself


Graduation ceremony is one the biggest functions of a person’s life and celebrating it with all your family and friends makes it more special. For which having an attractive graduation invitation card is foremost. Finding a graduation day invitation card which completely matches your dream college invitation card design is a bit of a hustle. So why not design it by yourself? There are a number of online platforms where one can design their graduation invites at ease. One of such platforms is Doographics, where you can find various designs for graduation invitations. These graduation invitation cards are free to customize as well as download. You will find various designs for the invitation to graduation ceremony made by professional designers with colour coordinated background, images, suitable fonts, borders and elements, which you can replace with any other colour, element, tagline, etc to add your touch to the graduation day invitation. Making the best invitations graduation ceremony card is crucial and using the graduation ceremony template from Doographics makes your job effortless. Hence use Doographics and create the best convocation invitation card.


Make graduation invitations using Doographics

Designing your own graduation party invitation is the best option. And designing it on Doographics is simply like ‘icing on cake’, because here we believe in converting dream design into reality. The process of customization is easy, as you only have to drag and drop the image/text. Add all the required texts to the graduation invites and make use of suitable fonts, from the various font options available. There are numerous graduation invitation templates available with attractive designs, which make half of your work easy, only you will have to add up your own magic to the invitation card for graduation and make it look magnificent. The graduation day invitation being the first impression for the party, it has to be impressive and eye-catching and hence using Doographics is the best option. The process of selecting a template, personalizing it and downloading the graduation day invitation card is very easy on Doographics.

How to make an invitation card for graduation?

Confused on whether to go with a design you didn’t like but which is pocket friendly or asking the designer to create a customized design of graduation ceremony invitation card and spend a lot of money for it? Well, Doographics is up with a solution, where you can get a design you want for free, yes, you read it right. Doographics is an all inclusive store to create, customize and download your graduation day invitation card for free. Follow the steps given below to make your own graduation invitation card

  • Click on the ‘Products’ option on the home page and choose ‘Invitation Maker’, here find a template of your choice from the graduation ceremony invitation template option.
  • Now it's time to personalize your graduation invitation cards. Add texts, images, elements, change the background image, colour, fonts, font size, etc and the graduation party invites your own touch.
  • After you are done with your customization download your graduation invitation card and it's done.

Best Graduation Invitation Templates


Regular size for graduation invites is 4 * 6 and 4.25 * 6. An invitation card graduation can be in the form of folded or unfolded and their sizes vary accordingly.

  1. The graduation invitations must carry the name of the graduate.
  2. It should also have a short but precise location of the ceremony and timing.
  3. It should also have taglines and attractive design.

To add an image from your feed to first need to upload the image in the photos option present on the left hand side. Once the image gets uploaded drag and drop it on the graduation invitation card.