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Large Rectangle Banner Maker

No design skills? No more worries! Doographics helps you to create wonderful banner designs online! Start creating online banners noticeable with stunning colors, texts, and image gallery. These banners will separate your business from the rest of the crowd. You just need to drag, drop, and download your own customized professional designs!

 large rectangle ads banner

Your banner draws the eye of customers!

If you are new in the market you can easily catch the eye of customers by using large rectangle banner maker.You can do your pull up promotion banners successfully with heart-winning banners. You can use these banners in front of your store to show particular products or indoor as well.

New product announcement and clearance sale made easy with Doographics. You can also use them on online platforms to do your social media marketing. You can also showcase the company's branding, products, and community online.

 large rectangle ads

Why should you use large banners?

  • To make your online & market presence stronger.
  • With these impressive templates, you can attract new customers.
  • You can use them for various events and venues to highlight your program.
  • Large rectangle banner makers provide unique shapes with company logos or artwork that can be super eye-catching, and can quickly draw people's attention to your area.
  • You can also create banners for your cover and header photos on social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube as well.

So, don't waste time! Start designing your banner online!

Why use Doographics online rectangle banner maker?

No need to go outside! You can create your own banners by sitting at home! We Doographics have a user-friendly & easiest online graphic designing platform where you can create your personalized large rectangle banner just in a minute with no experience.With our latest tools, you can create stunning ads, beautiful Instagram posts and super Facebook cover pages by just doing drag and drop.

Creating ads & online banners with Doographics will pull your online presence together.

We give you key features like

  • User-friendly platform with thousands of templates.
  • It's fast and free.Just need to drag, drop & you are ready to display!
  • We have professional imagery and HD stock images.
  • You can use stunning backgrounds, tools, elements as well as layers to make your design iconic.

Doographics online rectangular banner

 large rectangle ads editor


Large rectangles normally have size 336×280 but sometimes you need to change it as per requirement

Now, Forget about size! Our template library is specially designed for you. You can customize the size as per your requirement.

On the right side of the design page interface, you will see a choice of sizes. To find out which aspect ratio you need, simply find out your screen resolution and create a banner for the same.

You can find lots of exact match templates. We have Pre-made HD templates & are best optimized for the right size for your page and business requirement.

template for large rectangle ads
 large rectangle ads

Add stock Footage

At your left side of the Doographics workspace on desktop and mobile, you’ll find an option to add images or footage to your design.

You can upload images from your photo library & you can easily customize your design. We made banner design easy so you can easily drag and drop pictures or footage.

We give you so many options to fulfill your requirements. We make your process easy and convenient to save your valuable time.

Add typography, Clip art & Icon

It's really important to add or insert attractive text boxes, clipart on your banner. uniqueness stands you different from others! Scroll rectangular banner clipart & get amazing designs!On your left side of the Doographics workspace on desktop and mobile, you’ll find an option to add text, Clip art & Icon.

Adjust typography, size, and color of icons & font. There are a variety of font options available to choose from.

we have all the top icons like WhatsApp, WeChat, QZone, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and so on which will help your customers to find your presence online.

text for large rectangle ads

Create rectangular banner designs in no time

Best Large Rectangle Banner Maker design ideas


Yes. You can edit it as per your requirements. You just have to select a template and simply drag & drop whichever images,tools,backgrounds you want to take.You can also add text as per your business ideas.

You can change the size of the banner as per requirement.You can customize the size as per your requirement. Check out our fantastic collection of rectangular banner designs.

You can add images,backgrounds,shapes,text boxes,iconic fonts which will make your banner design wonderful.