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Business LinkedIn background photo is now at DooGraphics.


Linkedin is a very big platform for promoting your business and making it big as it has many companies to look for and search for. Linkedin is a platform where a benefit is provided. A benefit that helps your organization and company provides benefits in many ways. You can use this platform for researching other different websites and will also help you to analyze your competitor. As every industry company and even post has competition with others. So we have some of the Business Linkedin background so that you can make something for your business background. We will also give you some of the LinkedIn background images to choose from and some innovative ideas to look from. Not only this we have a LinkedIn business cover size so that you can make cover according to your size and fit. So do not wait to create your business LinkedIn background photo for your profile. Linkedin is not about the business but it's also about making connections and also about building your own grounds in the world of business. So making your own business LinkedIn background photo will help you to do the same.

LinkedIn Cover Photos and Images

We also provide you with the images so that you can choose best from it. We have a business LinkedIn cover photo so that you can choose an image on your own of your choice. As putting the right image is necessary for giving a good impression so choose the best LinkedIn cover photo for business. Now putting the right image in the right size is necessary so choose a perfect fit for it by choosing the right LinkedIn business cover photo size. So having a good cover photo in the background can also be a part of attracting people around your business LinkedIn cover photos can help you in achieving it.


How to make a business cover for Linkedin?

If you want to make a business cover for LinkedIn then follow some of these simple steps and let them be helpful in making a cover. So follow and go through these steps that can come out as helpful.

  • Find the right template. Browse over a hundred professionally designed LinkedIn banner templates and click on the template you like. The right template will help a good layout.
  • Experiment with features. Try to add some elements to it and add filters and crop the image if needed.
  • Keep customizing. Make a good custom of your post and cover and try to arrange all the elements in a sequences.
  • Upload it on your profile once you are ready.

Now you are done with the cover making and now create as many as you can with the help of DooGraphics. The link mentioned below will help you to go on the page with just a click. So that without wasting any single second you can go on our website and make some covers for your business.

Best Linkedin Cover Templates


A banner is also necessary no matter whether it is on social media or on other sites but it also helps businesses in increasing their marketing. Start making some banners by using a free LinkedIn banner maker. So before making a banner you need to have a good template as having a good template is also necessary to use the business LinkedIn banner templates that will provide a good layout to your banner. Choosing the right banner image with the help of Linkedin business banner image can also help you to give a good image. So choose the right template.