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Tips to Create an Awesome Logo Design…

From colour to shape and from words to design, every element in a logo design says something. That’s why to create a brand, first you have to design a logo that speaks for your brand. The logo could be the single most important visual contact a company has with its consumers. A good logo defines the business and sets a clear tone for contact with users. Logo design takes a lot of planning and thinking, and it’s important to create a logo that reflects your company and is something that people can recognise and remember.

Crafting the iconic logo is more critical than ever before. Here are a few tips to create a logo that resonates with your brand and communicates with your customers:

  1. Go Simple

The finest logo designs are simple, easy and classic to understand. They often include a simple trademark and a company name. And that’s exactly it.

Think of companies like Nike, McDonald’s or Apple, each of them uses a simple representation that people around the world may connect with. Users will see the logo design and instantly think about the company. This is the core of creating a memorable logo design.

nike logo

apple logo

macd logo

The mistake most designers make when making a logo is that it contains too much detail. To ensure consistency in the design of the logo, consider these guidelines:

  • Use less words
  • Stick to few colours
  • Create a design which goes with your company’s name and agenda
  • Go simple
  1. Consider your Goal

It’s crucial that your logo is an accurate representation of your business or product. It’s supposed to have a significance that’s specific to what you do.

Consider about the sense of colours and shapes when it comes to design, and how these connections can affect users. Remember, you don’t want to communicate the wrong thing by mistake. That’s why, it is also important to think about the logo in the context of your overall industry.

Important points to remember when designing a logo;

– Does the logo display what you’re doing or selling?

– Does the description/imagery say the right thing to you?

– Can it stand alone?

  1. Choose Colour Wisely

Colours play a vital role in the appearance of the logo. It could be one of the most important features of the logo design for two reasons.

  • Colour choices will draw users to the design and tell something about the brand.
  • A strong logo operates in full colour or in single colour applications.

To order to keep the logo design simple, stick to a simple colour palette – no more than three colours in order to design a good logo. You want to make something that you can use for years to come and you can date the design with too many trendy elements or colours. Choose one of the fashionable colours to integrate into the design. You can add a trendy accent colour to your logo if your brand colours don’t have the colours of trendy palettes.

Let’s take the example of MasterCard. They have used only two vibrant colours which are still in trend and still looks fresh.

mastercard logo

  1. Be Original

What every logo requires is an original artwork that shows users who and what the company is. It’s up to you whether it’s a mark or a logotype. Just don’t copy the design and the pattern of any other logo. This will take uniqueness out of your logo and consumers can get deceived.

In any way, it won’t feel different. And if you want to create a logo that is memorable, it has to be special in some way. It’s got to be different and unique from everything else out there and stand apart from your competitors.

(This is why hiring an experienced designing platform like Doographics to create a logo is your best option. Doozyd ensures to offer plethora of awesome designs to create a logo that they can use for years to come.)

  1. Create Flexible Logo

On social media, where logo space is more limited, make sure your logo can shrink to a size or a design where you can post it on your social media post. We all know social media post are a massive way to promote any product or brand. When promoting your brand through social media post, like Facebook post or Instagram post, it is necessary to display your brand logo on the post. This gives your social media post a credibility and advertises your brand logo.

There are many other places where logo flexibility is also important like,

  • Can you use it over an image or a social media post?
  • Can you add a tagline to it?
  • Do you have a variant of the icon for mobile devices or websites?
  • When you make a product, does the logo fit on a label?

Considering all these options will give you an upper hand when designing a logo.

Having a recognizable logo is not something you’re going to do overnight. It could take time and a lot of revisions. That’s why, Doographics covers all your designing needs and it ensures to incorporate all these key points and offer you the best of best designs with plenty of options.

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