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Use cooking youtube channel art to establish your cooking channel


The cooking channels probably all have a custom, well-designed cooking YouTube channel art at their profiles. One look and you have a sense of what their channels will offer you. Not to mention, it gives their profiles a professional finish. Consistent and recognizable visual branding is essential for growing your YouTube following. It’s an important first step in marketing your YouTube channel. And it’s one of the ways you’ll get more eyes on your videos.

Tips while designing your cooking youtube channel art

If you don’t have much design experience, the idea of designing your own cooking YouTube banner template from scratch might seem a bit daunting. That’s why, before we dive into tips for how you can create your own creative cooking YouTube banner design, I want to suggest a shortcut. Save yourself the stress by using a cooking YouTube banner maker as the foundation for your design. A template will guide your design, while also ensuring that your banner uses the correct dimensions. The recommended YouTube banner size is 2560 x 1440 pixels. So you need to use your space wisely. Stay on top of social media image sizes requirements you should stick to if you want to get the most from your banner.


How to Customize the Ready-Made cooking youtube channel art Template on DooGraphics

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry. This guide will offer you some helpful tips for designing your own cooking YouTube channel art starting with a cooking YouTube banner template.

  • Select a template from the options above. There are various designs available.
  • Double click on “enter your text” and replace it with your own text.
  • Delete the dummy text that you do not want to use. You can also move the text around, so if you need more than one line on one day of the week, then you can move text from a day that you do not want to write anything. If you still require additional text, then click on the A to add more text. Drag the text to the correct location.
  • Download or print.

With a quality cooking YouTube channel art, you’re one step closer to growing your audience. Remember, creating a strong brand requires a multi-faceted approach, beyond just the videos you put out. Now if you want to grow your channel even faster, check out these beginners templates for cooking YouTube channel art!

Best Youtube Channel Art Templates


The recommended YouTube banner or YouTube channel art size is 2560 x 1440 pixels, and the maximum file size is 6MB.

Your own pictures, a still-shot from your videos, logo, tagline, or slogan. A brief channel summary and your video upload schedule,s o your viewers know what to expect from your channel. A clear CTA (call to action) like “Subscribe to our channel” or “Visit our website.” Your social media links and website link.