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Make a peaceful life youtube thumbnail for your video

life Youtube Thumbnail

Life is full of ups and downs and sometimes we lack motivation. This is when life youtube creators come into picture, the ones who help us stay motivated. And if you are one of those creators / planning to become one, you must be hunting to find a professional online youtube thumbnail maker to create a life youtube thumbnail for your video. An online youtube thumbnail maker which has awesome templates for the thumbnail, attractive youtube thumbnail images options of customisation and most important good graphics design. Well, then your one stop destination is Doographics, a platform which provides all the customization options for a youtube creator. Here one will find awesome life youtube thumbnail templates, options to change the background colour, images, fonts, font size, text, everything. One can create inspiring youtube thumbnail design for a video to help them grab a lot of traffic towards their channel. Using Doographics the work of a youtube thumbnail creator becomes easy and thumbnails can be created in less amount of time. Optimising all the personalization alternatives will definitely make your life youtube thumbnail stand out.

life Youtube Thumbnail

Use online youtube thumbnail maker

Why to step out when you can complete your work from home. For a life youtube creator, creating content which will help people stay motivated as well as present it in a meaningful and approachable manner is very important. Joining hands to this the creator also has to focus on the youtube thumbnail design, it should be impressive, attractive and meaningful, for which one should use a youtube thumbnail generator like Doographics. Doographics has all the custome-made options to help you add your own magic to the life youtube thumbnail. Here you will find various life youtube thumbnail templates and many customization options. One can choose any template for their thumbnail which has impressive graphics design and are free to download as well as customize.

Design magnificent life youtube thumbnail in 3 easy steps

Designing youtube thumbnails becomes easy with Doographics. Stick to these easy steps to make a life youtube thumbnail.

  • Choose the products option present on the home screen and select the youtube thumbnail templates option here. Now pick a template of your choice from various life youtube thumbnail templates available.
  • After selecting a template, start customising it. Add texts, change fonts, colour, youtube thumbnail size etc. To add an image from your feed, first upload the image in the photos options present on the left hand side. Once the image is uploaded now drag and drop it on the template.
  • Once you are done customising, download your life youtube thumbnail. And your thumbnail is ready.

Best Life Thumbnail Templates


To change the colour of texts in your life youtube thumbnail, first select the text. Once selected you can see options to change colour, size, font of the text on the top of the screen. Select the colour you want and it’s done.

First delete the image present in the template. Now upload the image you want in the youtube thumbnail design, once the image is uploaded, drag it to the template and drop it. Crop the image if you want and adjust it the way you want and your thumbnail is ready.