Design impressive technology youtube thumbnail with Doographics.

technology Youtube Thumbnail

Technology is one of the most important parts of today's life, which has made life easy and fun. It's because of technology that we have a platform like youtube, which is used by students to study, musicians, dancers, artists, etc to showcase their talent and all this for free. Yes, it's technology which has made youtube creators a full time profession. On youtube along with some dance, music, artists, vloggers, etc technology youtubers have also got a lot of fame. To make your channel one of the best youtube channel for technology along with your video content, editing skills, music, etc thumbnail design is equally important. To create a tech channel art you can select any technology youtube thumbnail templates present on Doographics website, where you can add your own images, change the color, font, thumbnail size and much more to make your video stand out from other technical channel art. Using the youtube thumbnail generator, you can completely customize and up your designs to the thumbnail.

technology Youtube Thumbnail

Searching for an online youtube thumbnail maker?

If you are one of the technology freak youtube creators struggling to find amazing youtube thumbnail design for your video, then don’t worry Doographics is a one stop destination for you. Doographics provides amazing technology cover photo which can be easily customized and downloaded for free.

How to design technology youtube thumbnail on Doographics?

With easy customization, you can create and download your design for free on Doographics, in 3 easy steps:

  • Select the technology youtube thumbnail templates from the products option present and choose any thumbnail template you want.
  • Now, insert any image you want as technology cover photo for your thumbnail, add amazing fonts, elements and other graphics to make it look impressive and informative.
  • You can change the youtube thumbnail size as per your requirement and make your youtube thumbnails design look fabulous, once the design is ready you can download it just by clicking on the button.

And now your video is all set to grab huge traffic on youtube.

Best Technology Thumbnail Templates


Click on the “sign in” button present on top right corner of the website, choose create account. Now enter your email id and password and your account is created.

To change the background of the chosen template, first upload the picture in the photos option present on the left hand side. Once the picture is uploaded drag and drop it on the template and it's done.

Yes, creating and downloading designs is completely free.